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23 March 2012 @ 11:25 pm
I love when you hit a learning curve in anything and then you're just freewheeling....that is until the next hill you come to.
Today I started freewheeling in another point of my ice skating; I landed one of my new jumps. Now I have this rule that if you can do a repeat performance (of anything be it skating, singing, remembering lines) ten times in a row then it can no longer be considered a fluke and that you've actually got it. So I did my little test and voila! Although after a while my left leg started feeling the strain; it was the foot I was landing on and I think my leg must have been all tense because it really started to have that dull ache later on,

Oh and when I went to go and buy a noodle salad from Tesco across the way, guess was numpty here had forgotten? My darn debit card. I got to the self checkout with my food and few other things I needed, looked through my purse, had that momentary panic when I couldn't find, and then remembered where I'd left it. In my Disney Couture handbag back in my bedroom at home. Some help it was to me there. So anyway I had to put all the stuff back and race for the tram just getting back in time to meet my Mum to help with her food shop. I was STARVING. I'd only had two Oatabix fo breakfast at 8am in the morning ALL day. I could literally feel my stomach trying to eat itself.

And if I wanted a nice rest after finally eating and after the effort of my long, hardworking (and successful day)? Well I'd have to work my way around this dinky devil who had stolen a whole side of my bed despite her minute size:

22 March 2012 @ 06:48 pm

Okay so I've uploaded them all and they all go equally well with my layout. I've changed my CSS code immediately four times in a row and now I'm almost constantly typing in <> brackets. And I still have a decision to make; at the moment I've left it on the Heat and Dust one but only because it was the last one I typed in. 

 I think my problem is I want everything...in the same way I want to be able to change my hair colour on a whim and not pay £40 for the privilege.

Maybe I should alternate week to week?

DAMN my indecisiveness.

22 March 2012 @ 10:08 am
Okay so I have created some headers for this LJ but now I'm stuck which to choose!! I have these four:

I think they're all so pretty (which I know is rather self-complimentary but meh) that I am really stuck. I suppose it's more about which suits my layout more. I may go and enter each one into BB layout code and see. (Can't you tell I have a day off today? I say that but I've still got odd jobs to do this morning and then very busy again later on but this is the first time this week I haven't woken at the crack of dawn!)
21 March 2012 @ 11:20 pm

Two words: Replacement Bus.

A nightmarish term, perhaps one of the most abhorrant in the everyday English Language. Perhaps I am exaggerating but it's likely I'm not.

Today on the way to the ice rink my tram suddenly came to a stop in Stretford. Ahead at the Sale stop there was a broken down vehicle on the tracks. Since they figured it would be a long time before the problem was resolved it was heavily advised by the tram driver for us to take the replacement bus to Altrincham.

It was beyond awful. Not only did a 4 minute tram journey take TWENTY FIVE MINUTES but the dirtiest, most foul smelling old (probably looked older than they were due to aforementioned rammyness) couple sat directly in front of me! I had to hol my book to my nose so as to obliterate the smell.

You know it's only in Britain where you can reasonably say 'See that train ticket, use it on the bus'. Travelling tourists must get very confused sometimes when trains breakdown

Tourist: Here's my ticket

Ticketmaster: Just over there

Tourist (Arriving at 'over there': I have a train ticket

Bus driver: Yep, that's right

Tourist: But this ticket is for a train

Bus Driver: (deadpan) Get on the bus.

I realise that imaginary tourist speaks very good English.

I can't believe next week is the week of Christmas. Whoa, I'm actually shitting myself when I say that. I mean I've bought all ym gifts, wrote all my cards, booked all my meals (Ooh that reminds me; must book night out for NYE), picked all my party outfits so I am prepared....but it still spooks me a bit that Christmas is so near. My mind is still in midsummer enjoying the garden.
Summer is my favourite season and I thrive on flowers and sun and bees and cats lazing around and the smell of cut grass.....BUT I do love Christmas. I even love wintery weather when it's Christmas; it all goes hand in hand. I particularly love snow. But what I also love is all the markets that come to town at Christmas that are full of the most wonderful, bizarre and delicious things. Very Christmassy. Especially when you're at the market near Manchester Cathedral and the bell starts chiming the hour. It makes me tingle all over.
I'm heading into London this time next to week to see a seasonal play but I also intend indulging in the Christmas Markets there
We'll probably be eating mostly at the markets as well. There's something very seasonal about eating lovely hot food out in the cold amongst all the Chistmas Lights. Sort of beats being in a restaurant at this time of year where everything is very crowded and hectic.

Speaking of food, I'm quite looking forward to cooking at Christmas. Both meals and sweets. I've been watching a lot of Nigella Lawson's Christmas Kitchen and I'm dying to try out practically all of the recipes. (The exceptions being fruit cake and peanut butter cups since neither of these are sweets are like for some reason.)

The food is just my type of food exactly and I shall definitey be doing Christmas Turkey her way- it looked delicious. And those little desserts with the cream and the chestnut puréé? Be still my grumbling stomach. I had already decided that packed party food is not the way to go and that at Christmas I would only buy ingredients to make my own party food, sweets etc (the except being one token tin of quality street nd some gold coins. A Christmas necessity). Not only is it more delicious, but it also works out more affordable too

Great; my cat just kindly threw up on my carpet. Poor thing. Duty calls.


05 November 2010 @ 10:14 am

Yesterday I had a great acting experience. Myself and three others were being filmed for a reconstruction scene for one of those tales on an English Version of Celebrity Ghost Stories. A title which pretty much explains the premise; Celebrities sit and tell the viewers at home a ghostly or spooky thing that happened to them and the tale is intercut with scenes reconstructing what happened.
The celebrity whose story we were doing was Jan Leeming's (70s/80s new reporter. She was also on I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here a few years ago)

I was playing a young Jan, Jess (who funnily enough I knew from my singing classes!) and Sean were playing the owners of the house Sue and.....damn, I've forgotten Sean's character's name, how awful is that? And Gemma, who is really an artist (and has an awesome site and work which you can find at gemmaparker.co.uk)  was called in at the last moment because someone else dropped out, played Sue's sister Audrey.
The scenes were a bit at the bar where we were all chatting and laughing and drinking (all this wine which was really nice. But maybe we shouldn't have drank much at 11am after very little breakfast) and then I went off to bed. We had to improvise that entire scene, but even though we'd only know each other an hour we had all really clicked which is great (but inevitable since we're all amazing and lovely people) so it was really easy to do and we were soon laughing and joking. So much so that Karl let it run longer than it was intended to.
Then we all seperate scenes in bed (except for Jess and Sean who would be sharing a bed since they were meant to be a couple) where something spooky happened to us. I had a light appear at the end of the bed and wake me up (and causing me promptly to dive under the covers), Gemma had the covers pulled tight over her and Sean got out of bed to see the same light Idid (which incidentally was just an orb being held by one of the crew and making him look slightly like E.T)
Then the final scene was us all sat around the kitchen table talking about the things we had scene. This was entirely improvised but since the topic was so bizarre that w just kept laughing. Well we didn't properly start laughing until it was Sean's turn to speak and he just completely broke and then it was really hard to keep a straight face whenever we got to his point again. It was even worse trying to stay serious when they did the seperate close-up shots.
I had then one final scene where I had to walk up to the front door and knock.

It was a great day and experience and the crew were so lovely and put us totally at ease. And whenever we weren't filming we had the best dogs in the world Arthur, a black lab, and Olive, a long haired Jack Russell to entertain us. Arthur was so relaxed and laif back and Olive was just the most excitable little thing. She got on my knee and curled up and fell asleep for ages at one point....and then farted. Lovely.

But a great day all round with great people.

Can't wait to see the finished product. It's meant to air in February on the Bio channel, but we're getting our own copies sent to us which is great. Both personally and for adding to a show reel, haha
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12 October 2010 @ 10:11 am
Okay so now university has officially started up again, I should get back into the habit of updating. Last year's attempt faded away but that was because more personal things than I could have believed possible keep popping up out of nowhere.

Had first proper lesson yesterday that is directly linked to Contemp. Theatre and it has only confirmed what I already knew to be true- I hate contemporary theatre. I find it pointless, prententious and annoying. And useless. The only thing I can think I will ever use it for is to write funny anecdotal inspired scripts which will become hit plays and shows which I will of course star in. But seriously, I do hate it. After four months freedom from it I feel like I've been dragged from somewhere free and happy to a place....of slightly hellish inclinations.

Yesterday we spent four hours changing a text into different pretentious things. But I can't get too mad because the guy teaching us is rather young and sweet and a very nice person and deserves only our sympathy and co-operation rather than suffer any aggression I might feel to the course itself.

On the upside- I'm in the university's performance of Nine. The chorus not a main, but that's really because I'm not overly keen on this particular musical, but there's a lot of powerful dance and group scenes and as chorus it allows me to be in all of them. They were originally going to be doing another musical which I was going to fight tooth and nail for a particular part- but my singing key is perfect for that character and my acting is a constant stunning thing, teehee, so it would be less of a fight and more of a graceful win, mwa haha. But well we lost the rights and so it didn't happen and nine we got.

Also the university is now offering free singing lessons which I queued up early to sign up for (there were only 15 places available) and boy was there a queue. I got on though so woo-hoo.

And today I have auditions for a Snow Queen roadshow around primary schools at Christmas which I would absolutely adore to do.

Also, in the part-time job department I have applied to be a christmas grotto elf.
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18 September 2010 @ 11:45 pm
An actress' official site has suddenly disappeared from the internet. What the heck?

I hate it when websites randomly disappear. Not only does it annoy me but I spend ages wondering whether I got the address right and so trying numerous, and equally useless, alternatives.

Damn you evil villanous website maintainers.
06 September 2010 @ 01:34 am

Went to see Into the Woods at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre yesterday with my Mum. Oh my god- AMAZING. I don't think I could see Into the Woods again now if it isn't this cast- I wouldn't want to taint the excellence of this performance. It was the most brilliant quality production ever and the quality of the cast, well, I find myself thinking it's the best cast of any theatre I've seen not just Into the Woods cast (And I've seen a lot of theatre). They are all just so amazingly talented and enthusastic in their work. They drew you into the whole thing so completely.

And Regent's Park is just perfect for this musical. I'm surprised it's taken so many years for someone to come up with the concept. I just hope a cast recording will be released. A Dvd would be nice too but theatre seemed to just stop releasing DVD footage a few years ago so I shan't wish for miracles. But please, cast recording, I hope it happens. This cast NEEDS to be immortalized.

Hannah Waddingham's Witch was just non-all top entertaining, the wolf and red riding hood scenes were just stand-out (Beverly Rudd had me and my Mum in stiches half the time), Jenna Russell's Baker's Wife was the best I'd seen of the character (though I have become an inadvertent fan of her theatre work), and the Princes were excellent. Although oddly enough one of them, the way he was acting, reminded me exactly of a class mate when she had to do an over the top Prince Charming in a Characterization class. I found that alone hilarious and had to text her. I mean at least she knows she was on the right track for definite, haha.

But yes. Best cast of all time:

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24 August 2010 @ 11:59 am
I'm becoming quite a fan of Jenna Russell's stage work...without realizing it. I've inadvertently come across performances in the past and now with recent ones I've seen I find myself googling for any cast recordings. Unfortunately there aren't that many at all that have been officially recorded. Which is really quite annoying.

So I am just having to settle for indulging with Sunday in the Park with George. :) Which also had Daniel Evans, so good listening all around. I do love this musical though. Even though Children and Art makes me cry a little everytime- it's so poignent and Jenna Russell really hits something home with it. And Daniel Evans' Finishing the Hat is so...the way he portrays Seurat for that song is so insightful...and a little...not  unnerving, but something close to it.  Excellent cast all the way, but I find London Cast's often are.

But as for any other cast recordings involving Jenna I'm going to have to have a mosey around trade sites. I've had luck their recently with other things. I mean I finally found a recording of the The Little Mermaid on Broadway cast that I saw. Which was Chelsea Morgan Stock as Ariel and Faith Prince as Ursula. I do prefer Faith Prince's potrayal of Ursula a lot more to Sherie Rene Scott's. Faith made the role her own, but at the same time manage to pay homage to Pat Carrol's original portrayal of the character in the film. Scott took it too far away in my opinion, that the character wasn't really recognisable in the way she spoke, sang, moved. It was something new entirely, which is fine if that's what you want, but Faith Prince's performance was more what I was looking for- something in the middle. And both Chelsea Morgan Stock and Sierra Burgess sing beautifully, but I just preferred the way Chelsea delivered her lines. It was more....Ariel.

And what is it with the freakin' rain today? It's like hurricane weather only without it being a hurricane. It's still summer! What is going on?
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